Respectfully Home Owners,
Home Owners are unaware of damage on their roof; for this reason A&M CONSTRUCTION AND ROOFING will perform a FREE Thorough roof inspection with photos, and Perform a FREE consultation with the owner’s afterwards. As a former Insurance Agent, we know what constitutes damage in the eyes of the Insurance. If we find adequate damage on a roof we will get the roof replaced through the insurance company. We can also conduct roof repairs.
TYPICALLY, HOMEOWNERS are left to negotiate with their insurance company’s adjuster. Because most Homeowners are not roofing experts, homeowners are often unaware of the full scope of their damage and as a result get shorted by the Insurance Companies untrained adjusters’
A&M Construction and Roofing as your advocate – will advocate between you and your insurance company – making sure you get the full scope of your damage paid for and all your concerns and needs addressed and met. A&M Construction & Roofing strives to make it financially feasible for you to pursue the claim with your insurance.
Insurance companies allow a window of time for Homeowner to file a claim for damage caused by a weather storm. It is impossible to determine if a roof has damage from the ground without a professional inspection of the roof. Allow A&M Construction and Roofing to inspect your roof to give you the assurance your roof is in good condition, and help keep your property value high beautifying your community.
Sincerely, Owner and Operator: Mario Armendarez


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